What are $4 Generic Drugs?

$4 generics are another way to describe a Pharmacy retailer’s Low Cost Generic (LCG) program. These programs include 30 day and 90 day generic prescriptions. The 90 day prescriptions usually cost a little less than 3 times the 30 day cost.

Generic DrugsThese LCG programs do not always charge $4 for a 30 day supply. The $4 copay was originated with the Wal-Mart program which started in late 2006. Read more about specific Retail $4 Generic programs here. These programs each have their own unique lists of the drugs they cover. As a consumer it will be valuable for you to be familiar with these generic drug lists and which of these program offerings are available at a lower cost than your generic copay. This site will help consumers keep up with the changes to these programs over time.

Some of the LCG programs require membership in the program that may or may not include an annual membership fee.  Currently, Walgreens and CVS have programs with membership fees.  Many other programs do not require a membership or membership fee to participate in them.

As brand drugs lose their patent and multiple generic manufacturers are able enter the market, this drives down the cost greatly on these products. The price retailers pay for these generics are very low compared to the original brand cost.  Retailers select the generic drugs for their low cost generic programs and usually include drugs on these lists that are very cheap.  Retailers have created these programs for many reasons, but one of the primary reasons is to increase foot traffic into their stores.

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